What's Included?

Do you want a listing with all the latest features, functionality, and technology to interactively advertise your accommodation or business? Cast your eyes below and tap each of the titled boxes to find out more.

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Here's what's included - 

A Professional Listing Advertising your Accommodation/Business

Your dedicated dog-friendly listing gives you the freedom to create a business profile that can express exactly what you do and what your specialities are.

Images speak louder than words, so with up to 40 tagged photos, you can speak volumes about your business and if that's not enough, you get 12,000 characters to describe and really sell what you have to offer. 

Depending on your listing type, there are different features available - E.G. accommodation owners can, add their live availability calendar, Set a price range; add a review link to a nominated site, connect to their own website, use the booking enquiry form that comes directly to you.  

Set up all your offered features, doggy info section, doggy rules/features. 

Adverting 365 Days a Year

Advertising never stops at Dog Friendly Scotland. We use a range of channels to ensure our listings get found online. Such as Google Ads, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, News Papers, magazines, email.

SEO management of the Dog Friendly Scotland site is paramount to ensure we appear in the right searches and our team is making improvements day and daily.


No Commission/Hidden Fees or Guest Booking Fees

We don't charge any commission or hidden fees for accommodation/business owners. And there are now booking fees for guests, making booking directly very attractive, saving guests a fortune. 


Listing Functions Included

Any holiday accommodation listing page needs good functionality for it to be engaging and successful, right? We have included many features as you can see below that are fundamental - 

Navigation Tabs - Main feature navigation tabs at the top of the page allow visitors to move around your listing more easily.

Website Connected - Your listing can be connected to your own website, allowing visitors to view and book directly.

General Enquiries - Direct messaging to your email inbox for all your general enquiries.

Dedicated Booking Form - Guests can complete a booking form with all their requirements that comes directly to their inbox. (Only accommodation listings)

Contact Details - Choose whether you want to have your telephone number showing on your listing for direct contact.

Description - A large space is available to describe your accommodation, its features, and its location.

Doggy Information - A great space to let prospective bookers know what extras are include for dogs, what doggy rules there may be, good dog walks, as well as nearby dog-friendly amenities. 

Synced Calendar - Your booking engine availability calendar can be connected directly to your listing ensuring your availability is always up to date. (Only on accommodation listings)

Prices - Show your prices and the applicable rates in a stylish format, whilst choosing the currency you wish to charge in. (Only on accommodation listings)

Special Offers - You can advertise up to two special offers at any one time, which appear on your listing and in our "Exclusive Offers" section.

Policy buttons - Lets visitors see at a glance things like your cancellation policy, checkin/out times etc. (Only on accommodation listings)

Reviews - If you use a review site to collect all your accommodation/business reviews, you can link that site directly to your listing. 

Social Media Sharing - You, family, friends and page visitors can share your page via our social media share buttons on your listing page to give you additional exposure and reviews.

Social Media - Stay connected and link your social media accounts to your listing to allow visitors to connect and follow you. (Not accommodation listings)

Photo Gallery - Sell the essence of what your holiday home is all about through great images. All are shown on our one-click photo carousel. 

Your Features - Select any amount of holiday home features/themes/suitability in our stylish accordion drop downs, keeping your listing looking good.  

Google Maps - Your listing map shows visitors closely where your property is located.

Search Result - Great image and details show up in the search results showcasing how good your property looks and sounds.

Add Your Special Offers/Late Availability

All accommodation listings have the opportunity to set up their own special offers. Any listing can have a maximum of two offers running at any one time. Offers will appear both on your listing and under the tab "Exclusive Offers" on our home page.

Custom URL's & Meta Data

When you create a new listing with Dog Friendly Scotland we add a optimised custom URL for your listing to ensure it can be found easily on browser searches.

Another really important feature is where we custom create the meta title and description for each listing page based on the information contained within your page to ensure that your listing page *ranks as high as possible in search results. (Meta titles, meta data, and custom URLs are the primary information browser engines use to search against)

Many other sites automate this service using AI and other automation functionality, but this does not always achieve good results.


Booking Enquiries Inc all Contact Info

All subscribers have complete control over their own enquiries and bookings.

General enquires and complete enquiry booking forms come directly to your appointed email inbox and telephone number giving you unrestricted visibility of the contact information you need right from the start.

Unlike many other website platforms, we don't place restrictions on this information.

Special Marketing Collections

Marketing collections are specialised feature pages created on our website, where a collection of our listed accommodations/businesses can be shown together as a special feature.

Example - We may run a feature on, the top ten best dog-friendly bed and breakfasts in Pitlochry or, the best dog-friendly cafes or pubs in Fife. This can be anything we choose and your listing could be included.

Collections will be marketed across a number of digital channels we have access to including social media, email marketing, and more, creating additional exposure for your listing.


Need Help Creating a Listing?

We understand how important time can be and how much time goes into running a business. So if you want to advertise your holiday accommodation but don't have the time to set up your listing we can help. Please sign up with your name mobile and email, then send us an email to info@dogfriendlyscotland.com requesting help setting up your listing, we'll be more than happy to help.



Website Home Page Features

From time to time, we may choose your accommodation/business to headline on our home page, which generates high click-through numbers to your listing and website.

You can select this feature on its own or as part of an additional package of advertising available to boost your listing's visibility.

You can access full details of additional advertising packages in 'Members Resources' when you register. 

Your Dog Friendly Scotland Icon badge

Display the icon badge on your website or social media sites to let visitors know instantly you are dog-friendly. Easily downloadable and yours to use whilst you're a subscriber.

We also supply you with the Dog Friendly Scotland icon window sticker, to put on your business premises, which will let your patrons know you are a dog-friendly business. This can have a very positive impact with the dog-owning community when they see you are visibly part of the dog-friendly family.   



Share Buttons

Each listing has a panel of 'Share' buttons that can be used to share your listing directly to social media account pages helping to improve the visibility of your listing.

Connect your Booking Availability

You can connect your booking engine's availability calendar or Google/Microsoft/Other diary to your listing with iCal links. iCal is the universal system for connecting diaries to one another. 

If you don't use one of the common booking engines, but use other sites like Airbnb or Vrbo plus many others, you can connect them to your listing and our system will uniformly display your availability. 

Our 'Members Resources' section has more information on how to set this up and how to use alternatives to keep your availability in order.

Linking Your Listing

A listing with Dog Friendly Scotland means a whole host of important flexible options that are available including -

  • The book now button on your listing can be linked to your website allowing potential bookers to click straight through and book direct with you.
  • If you use a review collecting website, you can connect your listings reviews button directly with that website.

Member Resources

A whole host of information can be found in Members Resources. This includes - How To Guides; Legal; Subscription; Changing your subscription frequency; Additional advertising add-ons; Helpful business information and much more.  



Members Updates

Subscriber updates will be emailed to you. These will include general subscriber information, new features, hint and tips and industry news where relevant.

Blog and newsletters are issued to keep you up to date and will be available in the subscriber resource area.

Tax Deductible

In most countries, fees associated with marketing, bookings and commissions for your property are tax deductible. However, check the tax laws in the country where you pay tax.

Customer Support

Customer Support is on hand when you need it. You can call us directly as well as use the live chat and email service to communicate through.

When you contact us out of our business hours, we will be sure to respond as quickly as possible.

24/7 Access to Listing Editor

You can log in and edit your listing at any time as you have 24/7 access to all sections of your listing editor.

If you need help outside of office hours you have access to all our 'How To Guides' in members' resources.

Upload 40 Photos & Awards

Upload 40 of your best accommodation photos that best showcase your holiday accommodation/business. You can upload up to 10 images at a time depending on the size, so no having to add one at a time.

You can also upload around five award badges/certificates to the awards section of your listing. The awards section is a great way of showcasing your accommodation/business achievements, earning additional trust with potential prospects. 

Doggy Information Area

The doggy information area on your listing page is a great space to showcase what extras you offer in your accommodation - E.G. dog bowls, dog towels, dog covers etc.

It's also a great space for talking about your pricing, doggy rules and informing your listing readers about all the great dog friendly cafes, pubs, beaches, walks and so on.

Plus there is also a feature board where you can select all that is relevant to your property. 

Business Logo

Add your very own accommodation/business logo to your listing making it even more recognisable to our website visitors and building brand authority.

Enable/Disable Your Listing Anytime

If for any reason you need to disable or enable your listing at any time, you can do so easily from your member's dashboard. So, you don't have to delete your listing just to remove it from our live search.

Show your Contact Number

You can choose if you prefer to have your contact telephone number showing on your listing. If it is showing visitors to your page can simply touch dial to contact you from their screen.

Google Maps

Your listing is connected by geo-location to Google maps, a great way for your listing visitors to see which part of the country/location your accommodation/business is in. Listing visitors can see the location of your property without showing your full address. Some businesses with a more public address such as a hotel will have their address showing.

Internal Bookings Service (Optional)

How it works - Here at Dog Friendly Scotland we receive many booking enquiries from our website enquiry box. Guests who can't find their ideal accommodation or don't have the time to search will fill in our enquiry form with the details of their requirements.

We then search our database and offer the enquirer proposals that match their needs. We then make the booking with you and for them and then it's over to you to manage.

There is a booking admin charge for this optional service. More information is available when you register in Members Resources.