A Case of the Tail Wagging the Dog

A picture of the main street in the beautiful Scottish town of Pitlochry

Where's Your Next Dog Break and Who Really Does the Choosing?

When you're choosing a holiday to go on with your dog, you're really letting them pick for you. Who'd have ever thought? Is this what they mean by the tail wagging the dog :)

Decades ago, taking a dog on holiday, let alone finding great doggy accommodation was a rarity. Nowadays our dogs have upped the ante and moved right in with the family. Now more often viewed as furry sons and daughters, these boys and girls are fantastic companions to go away with.

Great accommodation with understanding pet loving business owners has to be at the forefront of your decision making. Here are my five top doggy tips to consider when the dog is deciding where you are all going:

1. Make sure your holiday destination has all the facilities your doggy needs, with places to go good long walks and runs in the fresh air.

2. Holidays can become stressful for your dog if they're not well organised and the places to stay are not welcoming.

3. If they're not too familiar with the car or long drives, do some practice runs. Do this even if it's been a while since they've been in the car, train etc.

4. Check with your vet that your pet is healthy and safe to travel. If they need medication take this with you. Ensure vaccinations, flea and worm treatments are up-to-date.

5. As well as being microchipped your pet should wear a collar with an identity tag with your name, holiday address and contact details, so if they get lost you can be reunited as quickly as possible.

Short trips away really are good fun for both the owner and their beloved dog. Make sure your dog is in the driving seat when you are choosing the accommodation.

Luckily for all us dog owners, the new Dog Friendly Scotland site will soon become a great place to choose all sorts of accommodation in the months to come. Sign up to their newsletter to hear of all the new locations and accommodations as they are added. 

Have a great summer :)

The article was originally published for Dog Friendly Scotland by Hilary Daniels in July 2019 and reviewed in May 2020.


NOTE - Information contained in this article was accurate at the time of publishing and should be used for guidance only. Whilst we make every effort to keep our information up to date, public information is constantly changing and therefore, no responsibility will be accepted if this information becomes out of date or which warrants this information to be inaccurate.

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