Booking FAQ

Booking FAQ

Booking Safely Online

To make an enquiry or booking with any of the accommodation providers on our site, simply complete the booking enquiry form which goes directly to the owner. Alternatively, you can call the owner's number on the accommodation page. 

Below are our most frequently asked questions and information to assist in making a booking safely online. 

If you need any further information or assistance, please click HERE 

Who is Dog Friendly Scotland?

Dog Friendly Scotland is an online platform where you can find a wonderful assortment of dog friendly holiday accommodation, businesses and services. 

Holiday accommodation, businesses and services listed, are owned and advertised by our subscribers. Dog Friendly Scotland does not own or manage those businesses listed on our website. 


How do I book?

Once you have found the accommodation you like, you can book directly with the accommodation by clicking the 'Book Now' button on the accommodation page.

You may also contact the owner directly using the booking enquiry form or call them using the number on the accommodation page.


Does Dog Friendly Scotland charge any booking fees?

No. Dog Friendly Scotland does not charge any booking fees to its website visitors.

Any bookings are made between you and the business owner and when you book direct you should not pay any booking fees.

Beware! If you book accommodation or services through a third-party site that our owners also advertise on (like Airbnb, or VRBO) you will most likely pay booking fees. 

How can I pay for my holiday accommodation?

You should avoid paying by bank transfer at all times and only use a credit card or PayPal as these will offer a limited guarantee should there be any payment issues. Though check with your payment providers in advance before booking if you are unsure.

You may have some payment guarantees with a debit card but check with the card provider before booking.

Are the prices offered on the listing page accurate?

Hotels, B&B, Guesthouse, Campsite, Caravan Parks, Hostels and Aparthotel will advertise their accommodation as a "price from" and the final cost will be confirmed prior to booking. 


Who will my booking contract be with?

Your booking is between you and the accommodation/business owner and not Dog Friendly Scotland.

The accommodation/business owner will confirm your booking, and they will issue you with the booking form/confirmation/contract and terms and conditions. 

You should take the time to read the terms and conditions before paying any fees. Be sure to check the cancellation and refund policy before booking and if you haven't been given this, do not be afraid to ask for it.

Can I cancel my booking?

You must check directly with the owner before booking what the cancellation period is. Ask to see the cancellation policy before booking. The cancellation policy will be part of the booking agreement terms and conditions.

Be aware, that special offers may carry a non-cancellation clause, meaning, if you need to cancel, you will not receive a refund.

Always check the small print, before completing and paying for any booking.

Does Dog Friendly Scotland carry out verification checks on their advertisers?

Yes. All advertising subscribers and their properties/businesses undergo our verification checks prior to being advertised on our platform.

Can I book transfer links at my destination?

If you need to book any transportation from your port of arrival to your accommodation, speak with the accommodation owners in advance, as their local knowledge and advice could save you time and money.  

Beware of unlicensed transport services, who may not have adequate insurance to cover should there be any adverse issues.

Should we advise our accommodation arrival and departure times?

It is best to agree on your arrival and departure times as early as possible with the accommodation owners, including late check-out requests.

Be sure to check at the time of booking if additional charges are payable if you're arriving out with the owner's specified timescales. 

Could there be additional charges at our accommodation?

If you have any special requirements it is best to confirm before booking as there may be additional charges. 

Examples of additional charges could be - the use of electricity, baby's cot, electric fan, disability arrangements etc.

Always check in advance with the accommodation owners!

What is the Dog Friendly Scotland Icon Badge?

When you see our Dog Friendly Scotland logo badge you can trust the accommodation is dog-friendly!