Subscribers FAQ

Subscribers FAQ

Before you sign up, you may need some more information. Below are some of the most popular questions we get asked. 

If you still can't find the answer to your questions, please email us at 

What does Dog Friendly Scotland mean and who the website aimed at?

Dog Friendly Scotland simply put, is 'accommodating dogs'. Our website is 100% dog friendly and is the marketplace where dog owners can find holiday accommodation and other dog-friendly businesses.

What type of holiday accommodation or business can I list on Dog Friendly Scotland?

Dog friendly holiday accommodation such as - Hotels, B&B, Guest House, Campsite, Caravan Park, Hostel, Aparthotel, Holiday Home (villa, apartment, lodge, cottage, house, etc etc).

Dog friendly bars/eateries - Bar/Pub, Cafe, Bistro, Restaurant.

Doggy care businesses - Kennels/Boarders - Kennels, Boarding, Dog-Sitting, Dog Walkers, Doggy Day Care.

Is our target market only dog owners?

Because we understand that holiday accommodation is suitable for most people, we market this to a wide audience as well as bars and eateries.

Our doggy services businesses are targeted at dog owners.

Is the registration process simple to complete?

The registration process is very easy to complete. Simply complete each step as directed through the process. You will need a debit/credit card to pay for your annual subscription, remembering to add any promotional codes at the payment stage.

Do you carry out any verification checks?

Yes. We carry out checks before any listing can go live on our platform to ensure there is no fraudulent activity. 

How soon will my listing be live?

As soon as we have processed your registration and completed our checks your listing will be live. You will automatically be informed by email when your listing is live. 

Can I display the Dog Friendly Scotland Dog-Friendly Icon badge?

Yes. All businesses that subscribe to Dog Friendly Scotland can use our memorable icon badge on their website, social media sites to further show potential customers you are indeed dog-friendly.

We also send you a low-tac window display sticker to show potential customers you are dog-friendly. This has proved to be very effective in gaining new customers.

As per the terms and conditions of subscriptions, you may only use the icon badge whilst you are an active subscriber. 


What is membership subscription auto renew?

All new subscriptions have auto renew activated when you initially sign up to ensure your account renews automatically and your account does not cancel unexpectedly.

When your subscription is due for renewal, the payment comes off your original payment card automatically, though you can change your card details and or de-activate auto-renew at any time.


How do I pay for my annual subscription?

Annual subscription payments are made securely with all major credit/debit cards when you sign up and on the date of renewal. Or, if you prefer, we can send you an invoice and you can pay this in a number of ways. Email us if you would like to be invoiced and pay using other means at 

Your subscription will renew automatically with our auto-renew service. You can switch auto-renew off at anytime. 

Is my subscription payment taken in £ sterling or can I ask to be billed in another currency?

Our payment gateway in our registration process only collects payments in £ sterling. You can request to pay in another currency by emailing us at 

Can I link my central bookings calendar with Dog Friendly Scotland?

Yes. If you use a bookings system that uses iCal technology, you can connect it to your Dog Friendly Scotland Calendar and it will update automatically.

There is also a manual calendar available for accommodation owners who don't use an Ical supported calendar. 

ICal is the technology used in connecting and auto-updating of online calendars and is most widely used.

My business/property is listed on other sites, is that a problem?

Absolutely not. You are free to list where ever you like. Your Dog Friendly Scotland listing will work well alongside other platforms.

Can my listing page visitors contact me directly?

Yes. Your page visitors can contact you in a number of ways. They can click through to your own website, call you on your direct number displayed on your listing page or complete an enquiry form from your listing page that will come to your email inbox.

Can I display my special offers?

Yes. Accommodation owners can have up to two special offers running at any one time. Special offers are clearly visible on your listing page and will show up on our exclusive offers page.

Does my subscription entitle me to membership benefits?

Yes indeed. As a subscriber, you have a whole host of listing benefits to get the best from your subscription.

For more information check out Subscription Benefits

What is the subscription term?

Each standard subscription term is for 12 months. Though we may offer promotion periods that may be longer or shorter than our standard term.

Does Dog Friendly Scotland actively market properties and businesses listed on its platform?

Yes, indeed we do. We run year-round campaigns to promote the Dog Friendly Scotland brand and those properties and businesses listed on board.

We use multiple channels to spread the word on all the great dog-friendly properties and business we are proud to host on our platform. Find Out More

Multiple listings - Can I list more than one property/business?

Yes, indeed you can. You can list as many properties and businesses as you wish under your one account and this can have significant savings. 

You can add properties and businesses to your account at any time and you don't have to add them all at one time if you are not ready to.  

Additional listings will always renew 12 months from the date the purchase was made. 

Is there support when I need it?

Yes indeed. You can email us and we will respond as soon as we can. Or, you can simply give us a call during our opening times. Either way, we're here to help.

How much does it cost to list my property/business?

Our prices are fair, realistic and very economical for the very broad reach you can expect on Dog Friendly Scotland. In fact, you can list your holiday accommodation or business on Dog Friendly Scotland for the price of one cappuccino per week. Find Out More 

What countries does Dog Friendly Scotland operate in?

As we are an online business we operate globally. 

Can I list my holiday home if its in another country?

Absolutely. You can list your property/business regardless of where it is or where you are based. As long as we can complete our registration checks your listing (in most cases) will be activated.

Will my listing be found in your website search results?

We have invested in one of the best geo-locational databases to ensure your listing will come up in the results, based on the searcher's parameters used.

Do I need a licence if I have a holiday home rental?

You may need a licence to operate your accommodation/business depending on where it is based. It is your responsibility to obtain and display all necessary consents and licences.  

My hotel and public bar are both dog-friendly, will they show up in accommodation and bars search results?

Yes for sure and you won't have to pay for an additional listing. You can set this up and edit it in the member's dashboard area. Plus the additional services will show up in multiple search results.

Can I de-activate my listing without cancelling?

You can enable or disable your listing at any time from your member's dashboard.

Can I edit my listing details whenever I want?

Yes indeed. You can log in to your member's dashboard and edit your listing at any time.  

Does the Dog Friendly Scotland website have translation functionality?

Yes. All text information on the platform can be viewed in any language when the viewer changes the language in the top right navigation bar on any of our web pages.

Do I have to show my prices/rates in £ sterling only?

No. The default currency is set as £ sterling. You can easily change the currency to suit that of which you charge in.

Do you have any example listing pages I can view?

Yes indeed. There are many types of holiday accommodation/business already listed for you to view and see how great they look. Find Out More

I have a motor home/camper van/caravan I rent out, can I list it?

Yes. You can list your camper van on Dog Friendly Scotland and falls under the same category as any accommodation listing.